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Download keygen for U-He Uhbik VST 1.2

- Flanger: Uhbik-F does both tape-style and stomp-style flanging in
"extraordinary quality". Chorus on top of that.
- Phaser: 14, 28 or 42 stages.
- Tremolo & Pan: If you think that tremolo is only a wobbly gain,
Uhbik-T twists your audio around like nuts. Surround trance gate
effects included.
- Frequency Shifter: Not just renowned for cruelty but also
applicable in small & smooth doses.
- Ambience & Reverb: Modelled with the best in mind. This ambience
processor provides the depth and the glue for your tracks.
- Multitap Delay: 5-tap tape-style delay with a clue or two.
- Equalizer: Transparent. Powerful. Flexible. Fast.
- Runciter - an evil filter: digital filter uhbik.Enough with
emulations! Beyond!
- GrainDad is a Granular pitch shifter and vast audio mangling
Tape stop effects, reversing effects, weird metallic drones from
otherwise harmless material. Try on drum loops first.
All Uhbiks do surround processing, up to 8 channels, including
typical formats like quadraphonic, 5.1 and 7.1. The idea therein is,
the surround modes work without any complicated user interface clutter
and without need for dedicated versions (apart from some hosts that
require dedicated stereo versions, that is). So while the handling of
Uhbiks is strictly stereo, you gain the advantage of fully surroundish
sound and control, way superior to the "multi mono" workarounds that
some hosts offer.
Options are included to keep Lfe or Center/Lfe unprocessed - so
you're flexible all along.