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Download keygen for Crysonic SpectraPhy V2HD AU VST 2.3

Spectra'Phy� V2.3HD - is the second generation Mastering grade
look-ahead brickwall audio limiter / maximizer and is now a full
Multi-Band processor as well as the only audio plug-in to utilize the
principals of mechanical physics for Audio processing. SpectraPhy Pro
V2 breaks new ground in Audio processing for quality and easy of use
to achieving amazing professional results for Mastering, Mixing,
Tracking and all Audio/ Music Production.
It is incredibly efficient in processing while maintaining
predictability and providing the best of breed outcome for all Pro
Audio use together with it's gorgeous user Interface. SpectraPhy V2
provides complete independent gain threshold control for all
individual L/R channels for each band and this is carried over to the
Final Mastering level on the input channel. By utilizing the new
Crysonic "Nephilim Audio Physics Engine" unlike other limiters, an
unusual amount of audio limiting / maximization can be applied without
any unwanted audible artifacts.
The innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the way these
types of DSP effects have been designed to date. The unique method
employed easily allows the mastering engineer to achieve maximum
perceived "loudness" transparently without ever getting overshoots
(Digital-over's) and with minimum audible distortion. The
characteristics of the final audio can quickly be adjusted to taste,
be it analog or digital with only a single click. The smooth dial
component can be used further when "running hot" to tame and impart
warmth in either Linear or Exponential modes, this can naturally be
disabled if not required. Spectraphy has been designed for ease of use
and efficiency in mind without sacrificing creative freedom.
� NEW Second Generation Physics based Peak Limiting and Audio
Dynamics Maximization
� NEW Transparent Multi-Band Auto summing processor
� NEW Individual Gain Threshold adjustment of L/R channels for all
� NEW Kalman Filter Based smoothing of peak transients
� NEW Linear or Exponential modes for imparting analog warmth
� NEW Cross-Over filter frequency selection component
� NEW Gorgeous and easy to follow User Interface
� NEW Look-ahead Brickwall limiting Algorithm with no overshoots
� Full Automation for all parameters
� Industry standard Gain reduction and RMS meters
� 100% 64-bit internal precision
� Highly optimized custom DSP code
� Suitable for All Audio /Music Production