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Download keygen for Steganos Safe 12 12.0.3

ENCRYPT YOUR PRIVATE DATA. Create as many Safes as you wish with a
capacity of up to 256 GB of containment each: for photos, documents,
movies�Create secure Data Safes in a few clicks on your PC or use
your iPod as a portable safe when you are on the go. The Steganos safe
helps you to create highly secure passwords � and you have nothing
to remember, simply use a USB-Stick for a key. You also have the
possibility to open your safe by using a sequence of pictures.
Includes the Steganos Shredder and Mail Client Safe for Outlook,
Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
- Hackers can access your hard drive via the Internet and copy all
of your data.
- You forget your laptop in the train: probably as many honest as
dishonest finders will risk a look into your files.
- During burglaries complete PCs are stolen � at least the content
should be inaccessible. The loss of important information can cost a
company its existence.
- Co-users of your computer could accidentally open some of your
private files.
- Your USB stick disappears without a trace � what was on it
- You don�t just use your iPod� for music, but also as an
external hard-drive, as you carry it all the time anyway.
- Erased data is never really gone. With a good program it can
easily be restored: even in an empty recycle bin one can find
leftovers of documents.
- During a PC repair no sensitive documents should be accessible.
And when selling your laptop one should only be buying your hardware
� not your data.