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Download keygen for EAZ-FIX Pro 9.1

EAZ-FIX is a PC time machine. It allows user to instantly undo PC
problems by reverting the PC back to last hour, yesterday, last week
or last month. EAZ-FIX still works even if Windows O.S. fails.
1. Use EAZ-FIX to restore system to working order even if Windows
fails to start up
2. Use EAZ-FIX to recover deleted or corrupted files
3. Use EAZ-FIX to clean up virus and spyware infections
4. Use EAZ-FIX to remove unwanted software installations
5. Use EAZ-FIX to rollback failed software deployment
6. Use EAZ-FIX to reset workstations to desired baseline upon
7. Use EAZ-FIX to create test beds for software testing
8. Use EAZ-FIX to protect system and data from unauthorized access
9. Use EAZ-FIX to create drive backup images for bare metal recovery
10. Use EAZ-FIX to transfer a computer's entire operating system,
with programs and data files intact, to new computers
1. EAZ-FIX does not require hidden partition or reserved space to
2. EAZ-FIX continuously protect your PC from any known or unknown
software threats.
3. EAZ-FIX can take a new snapshot of PC regardless the hard disk
size and system size in less than 5 seconds without interrupting your
working process.
4. EAZ-FIX can roll back to a snapshot in less than 10 seconds even
if Windows fails to start up.
5. EAZ-FIX can restore your data up to the minute of crash.
6. EAZ-FIX works as if it's not even there, it doesn't require you
to do a thing.
7. EAZ-FIX gives you the most for your money. PC Rollback alone is a
$50 solution. File recovery alone is a $40 solution. System and Data
Security alone is a $50 solution. Drive Imaging alone is a $50
solution. You get all these for a fraction of the money.
8. EAZ-FIX is simply the easiest, fastest and arguably the best PC
rollback solution in the market and chosen by millions of users world