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Download keygen for Tree Notes 2.262

Tree Notes is a notes organizer for Windows that allows you to
organize and manage all your notes in a tree structure with icons.
Tree Notes is very easy to use and light-weight. Store and manage
unlimited number of notes in a single database file. The new version 2
now allows you to attach files, emails and links to notes. The
attached files can be optionally embedded and stored in the Tree Notes
database. You can easily add new notes or import them from files to
add them to Tree Notes. For example, you can import all your files
like ToDo.txt and Notes.txt, so you can have them in one place. The
tree allows you to have even hundreds of notes in a single file, and
navigate them easily. Tree Notes can be controlled using keyboard to
save your time. Activate it any time with a system-wide hotkey
(Ctrl+Alt+T by default). Cycle through the tree using Ctrl+Tab.
Notes organized in a tree structure with icons
144 icons in 4 sizes to choose from
Rich text notes formatting (images, find & replace, colors, etc)
Attachments, attach files to your notes and store them in Tree Notes
Export and print your notes
System-wide hotkey
Minimizing to notification area
Database encryption
Portable, can be run from USB thumb-drive
Unicode support
Search all notes
Automatic saving of all changes
Easy backups