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Download keygen for Half-Life 2 Fakefactory 10.94

Description fashion Fakefactory Cinematic Mod
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Famously conversion for Half-Life 2 and epizodam.Dovedennaya to
perfect graphics (character models and extras, consisting of more than
40000 polygons, texture resolution 4096x4096), HDR for HL2 maps,
unified for all three version of the engine Source, a new Hollywood
soundtrack and highly individual author's style ...
With Cinematic Mod 10 graphics Half-Life 2 was even better: one of
the most interesting features is the new improved model of Alix, which
was done on the basis of appearance Jamil Mullen, which became the
prototype of the original model of Alyx in Half-Life 2. Also present a
model based on the exterior of Adriana Lima. All versions of the model
proposed by Alix have a very realistic eye to the effect of moisture
and diffused reflection of the environment. In combination with
excellent facial animation system from Valve on the move characters
look quite alive.
A 10-second versions Cinematic Mod Fakefactory also altered many of
the texture. These textures are of very high resolution and are used
for the NPC, and for other objects. In addition, was added HDR
rendering of Episode 2, and shaking the camera during acceleration
Gordon Freeman.
New in version 10.94:
• Fixed Launcher_EP1 (was starting EP0)
• Added support for spanish audio language
• Fixed startup crash with STEAM ingame overlay enabled
• Fixed (hopefully): "MountAppFilesystem () failed: You dont? T
have all GCFs needed to play this game."
• Fixed: Missing LoRes Combine
• Fixed: Some Missing dialogue
New in version 10.90 (the new base release):
• Fixed: take aim weapons disappear when the map changes
• Fixed: targeting key is now associated with the button on the
sight crossbow
• Fixed: Incorrect position of the player appears on the map
• Fixed: bug VALVE themselves with the missing shadow on the
Odessa Kebbedzhe
• Fixed: bug VALVE themselves with the disappearance of armored
cars combine under certain viewing angles
• Corrected: Errors VALVE themselves with the emerging areas are
not displayed on some maps
• Fixed: bug themselves VALVE map d1_trainstation_05: Bryn did not
rise during a series of teleportation
• Fixed: bug themselves VALVE map d1_trainstation_05: Kleiner was
looking in the wrong direction after teleporting
• Fixed: strange effect of the force field on the map
• Added enhanced the effect of particles on the impact of bullets
• Added enhanced blast effect
• Added enhanced bloom effect (see the configurator)
• Added modeled instead of the painted window sills
• Added a full cycle of changing light on the coast with a buggy
in HL2
• rebuilt and prepared for * all * the cards for the new version
of Source Engine 2009
• Reworked most of the cards with the open spaces to improve their
• Improves the brightness on some maps
• Processed more maps with dynamic lights for better performance
• Reworked startup program to check the wrong language settings
• Updated the setup of multiple cores to improve the system of
• Added another version of the HD model Mossman
• Replace the HD model Alex (Lima), with a few new variations for
compatibility with the Source Engine 2009
(Models from the pre-release 10.85 are no longer fully compatible. I
will update older models coming soon)