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Download keygen for Safe Software FME Desktop v2011 SP1

FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful spatial ETL toolset used by
thousands of GIS professionals worldwide to quickly translate,
transform and integrate data.
While spatial data is all around you, it often must be converted to
be made usable. Proprietary formats, unique data models, an array of
coordinate systems, and a myriad of storage locations all contribute
their own obstacles to data accessibility. Yet writing custom
translation scripts to tackle these challenges is time consuming, and
the resulting dataset is often not structured the way you need it. How
much is this inefficient process costing your business?
For over 15 years, Safe Software has been providing GIS
professionals with an efficient alternative for data conversion. FME
Desktop helps users make their data accessible to the people who need
it by providing:
- Quick data translation for 225+ formats
- Flexible data model transformation and coordinate system
- Powerful integration between multiple data types and within
leading GIS applications
1. Support for 225+ Formats
Read and write data in over 225 formats with a single toolset. FME
Desktop format support is unrivalled in the industry and supports CAD,
GIS, raster, database, 3D and BIM formats; for example, AutoCAD
DWF/DWG, Bentley Microstation Design file, ESRI Shape, GeoTIFF,
Industry Foundation Class STEP Files (IFC) and Oracle Spatial. You can
also execute SQL queries against your spatial database, including ESRI
ArcSDE, MySQL, PostGIS and SQL Server Spatial 2008.
2. Graphical Authoring Environment
Quickly and easily define data flows with point and click. An
intuitive authoring environment, FME Workbench makes it easy for you
to graphically specify data transformations ("workspaces") that
manipulate your spatial data and its associated attribution. FME
Workbench is also the design tool used to create spatial data flows
for FME Server.
3. Data Transformations
Ensure you see the spatial data the way that you want to see it. The
Transformer Gallery offers more than 300 transformers to help you
easily and accurately manipulate the geometry and attributes of your
spatial data as it moves from the source system to the destination
system rlt; for example:
� Perform geometric operations
� Rename attributes
� Calculate new attribute values
� Join attributes from a database to feature geometry
� Adjust feature symbology
4. Universal Viewer
Understand your spatial data. Tightly integrated with FME Workbench,
the FME Universal Viewer lets you quickly inspect your spatial data's
geometry and attributes - before, after, and even during the
transformation process. You can use it to examine features, identify
attributes and values, and enhance the display using color, symbols
and labelling.
5. Universal Translator
Quickly move data from one format to another. Designed for quick
translation, the FME Universal Translator makes it easy for you to
perform simple conversions between hundreds of formats simple
drag-and-drop. You can also use it to run workspaces created by others
through FME Workbench.
6. Batch Processing
Save time through efficient batch processing. With FME Desktop, you
can set your spatial ETL data flows (workspaces) to run automatically
from Windows schedule or a command line. Write your own batch
translation scripts or let FME create the script for you. Build one
workspace and run it on multiple data sets - there's no need to
manually change the source in each workspace. Designed for efficiency,
this feature is ideal for:
� running recurring translations at off peak hours
� migrating data from one database to another, with change control
� comparing multiple data sets
7. Expert FME Service and Support
Get the support you need to take full advantage of FME. To help you
get up and running, FME Desktop includes software updates and
technical support for the first year. FME users also receive access to
an FME beta - updated weekly so you always access to the latest and
greatest capabilities. Plus, more than 50 Certified FME Professionals
and Trainers are available to help you build your team's FME
8. Support for Thousands of Coordinate Systems
Ensure rapid, straightforward coordinate system conversion. With FME
Desktop, you can choose from thousands of pre-defined coordinate
systems based on a variety of projections, ellipsoids, and datums. You
can also define your own custom coordinate system.
9. Tight Integration with Your Applications and Systems
Conveniently access and transform hundreds of different data formats
directly from within your application of choice. The full power of FME
can be accessed directly from within many popular GIS or Business
Intelligence applications, including:
� Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D and MapGuide
� IBM Information Server DataStage
� Informatica PowerCenter
� Intergraph GeoMedia
� MapInfo Professional
� Microsoft SQL Server (including Integration Services)
� Oracle Spatial
� Smallworld
Plus, for maximum flexibility, FME can be accessed by applications
in C++, Java, and .NET
10. NeoGeography Support
Create mashups using the latest web formats and services. FME
Desktop can read/write geospatial data in popular web formats such as
GeoRSS and Google KML (Google Earth/Maps). You FME can also consume
data from web services including WFS, WMS, REST and Geocoding.
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