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Footprint Minimization
In order to facilitate footprint minimization and reduction
ofpotential attack surface POSReady 7 supports the removal of
featuresfrom the storage media such that the product DVD is required
to addthese features back to the platform, which provides an
additional layerof security to ensure features are not mistakenly
enabled. This is incontrast with Windows 7 which has the ability to
Enable or Disablefunctionality on the fly without requiring media. In
order to fullysupport the removal of bits from the storage media,
POSReady 7 uses thecommand utility DISM.EXE rather than Enable and
Disable Windows Featuresin the Control panel.
Shell Launcher
Shell Launcher enables you to replace the Explorer shell with
acustom shell. Shell Launcher enables you to concentrate on your
customshell application while Shell Launcher handles issues such as
executingthe Run and RunOnce registry keys and restarting the custom
shell if itcrashes.
Display Languages
POSReady 7 CTP2 provides support for multiple display
languagesthrough the Language Pack DVD. You may have up to 5 languages
installedat once and switch between them via Control Panel a ?
Regional Settings.
Media Decoders
POSReady 7 CTP 2 has included media decoders to improve
mediaplayback experience. It is important to note that media decoders
mayrequire additional licensing. Additional licensing information will
beavailable through the sales channels soon. Media decoders may be
removedfrom the system if not required or to eliminate the
additionallicensing requirement.
Write Filter Management Tools
POSReady 7 CTP 2 has new Write Filter Management Tools that provide
aUI as well as WMI providers to managing the Write Filters.
WriteFilters have been removed from the base image,
however they are provided on the DVD so that they can be added
intothe runtime when they are desired. The Write Filter Packages
consist of:
Ehanced Write Filter (EWF)
Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) Engine
EWF Management Tool
EWF WMI Provider
File Based Write Filter (FBWF)
File Based Write Filter (FBWF) Engine
FBWF Management Tool
FBWF WMI Provider