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Download keygen for SONiVOX Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings Collection All parts

SONiVOX Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection

is gigabytes of the most detailed, and beautiful sounding string ensemble. He recorded Oliartom Antonio (Antonio Oliart), engineer, owner of the Emmy Awards, Bono and John (John Bono), engineer, owner of award "the Recording Industry Association of America"(RIAA). Design and producing holds the engineers Sonic Implants. The library contains a rich, multidinamichnye tools with clean, unprocessed sound and the set of articulations. Created with the utmost realism and expressiveness, this library will add fun to track works. The recording was done in the studio Temple Studios, Roslindale, MA.

Manufacturer: SONiVOX

Format: NKI (Kontakt)

Description: All recordings were made in 24bits/48KHz, using microphones B & K 4011 Front, Schoeps CMC-6Ug and Neumann U87 Spot, Benchmark preamps and converters through Troisi A / D directly into the digital multi-channel Tascam DA98HR.

In 2009, SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants) has released the official version of the library for NI Kontakt 4. In the update included the updated manual, NKI-patches to the user with a simplified structure and keysvitchami, as well as the added interface.

Contents: The original library consisted of a 5 DVD, this is divided into 3 DVD-DL and includes: 1st Violin (1 st violin), 2nd Violin (2 nd violin), ContraBass (bass), Cello (cello), Ensemble (Ensemble) Viola (alto). The library contains 17 articulations and playing techniques for each instrument, as well as a variety of effects.

Additional Information: The library is based on the original Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings Collection in a format GIG. I was download the official update to the contact (from the official site) and pulled out all the WAV-files in the GIG in original quality (24/48). Then Podpravleny some file names (which were typos) and placed in folders, as indicated in the NKI-patches. Each sound is saved without any loss of quality, and all patches tested for operability.

Quality: 24 bit, frequency of 48 kHz, channels stereo

Size: 7.09 Gb + 5.28 Gb + 6.44 Gb