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Download keygen for Geneious 5.4.0

Geneious 5.4.0 - Mac OS X | 74MB

Geneious is research software for biologists, not computer scientists.

Geneious combines all the major DNA and protein sequence analysis tools into one revolutionary software solution! Its ease of use makes bioinformatics accessible to any biologist. It even runs on all major operating systems and is very affordable.

Features include: Sequence alignment, Contig assembly, primers, restriction analysis, BLAST, phylogenetics, automatic publication updates and more.

Version 5.4.0: New features added in Pro version only: * Support for Multi-site gateway cloning

* BAM format import and export (including BAM index file)

* BED format import and export

* SAM format export

* Set the color of folders and documents in local and server databases

* RNA Fold viewer scrolls to selection

* Better results when reference sequence assembling.

* Codon usage statistics added to the Statistics tab in the Sequence and Alignment view

* The direction of sequencing reads can be set before the assembly process using "Set Read Direction" in the Sequence menu

* Improved performance and greatly reduced memory usage when dealing with large numbers of sequences (both stand-alone and in contigs)

* BLAST searches now have the option to return a query-centric alignment document only

* BLAST searches now have the option to bin queries into those with hits and those with none, without the need to download entire hits (faster than a standard search)

New features: * Added "Whole Words Only" checkbox to local documents searching so that you can search for partial words

* Added "Find All" button when using "Find in Document" on the sequence/alignment viewer

* Can select multiple folders for moving/deleting and for showing the contents of them all at once

Bugs fixed: * When a sequence is circularized, annotation intervals extending past the ends of the sequence are now truncated

* When a sequence is de-circularized, annotation intervals spanning the origin are split into multiple intervals

* Fixed poor performance when viewing some sequences with over 100,000 annotations

* Empty sub-folders are now kept when exporting folders

* Separate by barcode works on already paired reads and lets you choose which sequence in the pair has the barcode

* Fixed problem with garbled fonts on some systems

* Fixed de novo assembler running out of file handles on machines with lots of processors

* Greatly improved the speed at which Geneious performs large batch BLAST searches

* Fixed crash when loading some contigs (which would also cause search index to crash)


* PPC / Intel

* Mac OS X 10.4 or later

* 64-bit version requires at least 4GB RAM

* Java 1.5 or later