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Download keygen for SONiVOX Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings Collection

SONiVOX Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings Collection KONTAKT | 18.7GB

Recorded by Emmy award engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award engineer John Bono, designed and produced by Sonic Implants engineers, the Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection is gigabytes of the most comprehensive, beautiful and playable ensemble string sounds available. Rich, multidynamic instruments with resonant string decays intact and gigabytes of articulations to choose from. Designed for the utmost in expressiveness and realism; a joy to create with. Recorded at Sonic Temple Studios, Roslindale, MA.

Contents: Symphonic Strings 1st Violins

- 1st Violins Col Legno

- 1st Violins Con Sordino

- 1st Violins Effects

- 1st Violins Espressivo

- 1st Violins Harmonics

- 1st Violins Legato

- 1st Violins Pizzicato

- 1st Violins Spiccato

- 1st Violins Staccato

- 1st Violins Tremolo

- 1st Violins Trills

Symphonic Strings 2nd Violins

- 2nd Violins Col Legno

- 2nd Violins Con Sordino

- 2nd Violins Effects

- 2nd Violins Espressivo

- 2nd Violins Harmonics

- 2nd Violins Legato

- 2nd Violins Pizzicato

- 2nd Violins Spiccato

- 2nd Violins Staccato

- 2nd Violins Tremolo

- 2nd Violins Trills

Symphonic Strings Basses

- Basses Col Legno

- Basses Con Sordino

- Basses Effects

- Basses Espressivo

- Basses Harmonics

- Basses Legato

- Basses Pizz Harmonics

- Basses Pizzicato

- Basses Spiccato

- Basses Staccato

- Basses Tremolo

- Basses Trills

Symphonic Strings Cellos

- Cellos Col Legno

- Cellos Con Sordino

- Cellos Effects

- Cellos Espressivo

- Cellos Harmonics

- Cellos Legato

- Cellos Pizz Harmonics

- Cellos Pizzicato

- Cellos Spiccato

- Cellos Staccato

- Cellos Tremolo

- Cellos Trills

Symphonic Strings Ensembles

- Ensemble Col Legno

- Ensemble Con Sordino

- Ensemble Effects

- Ensemble Espressivo

- Ensemble Harmonics

- Ensemble Legato

- Ensemble Pizzicato

- Ensemble Spiccato

- Ensemble Staccato

- Ensemble Tremolo

- Ensemble Trills

Symphonic Strings Violas

- Violas Col Legno

- Violas Con Sordino

- Violas Effects

- Violas Espressivo

- Violas Harmonics

- Violas Legato

- Violas Pizzicato

- Violas Spiccato

- Violas Staccato

- Violas Tremolo

- Violas Trills