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Download keygen for Outertech StartEd Pro

StartEd is an application which aids you in the process of controlling your computer's startup procedure. Are you unsure how to change startup? StartEd recognizes startup programs which are either obsolete or memory hogs and has you covered with a Backup feature. You can safely clean your start procedure in order to increase your computer's performance. StartEd displays detailed information about System Services. You can even filter the service list.

Full feature list

- View, Edit, Delete, Disable and Add entries to your Windows startup configuration

- Detect obsolete startup items and unneeded memory hogs

- Backup and Restore of your startup configurations

- Manage System Services with detailed notes and description

- Filter Service List with keywords

- See new startup items and services since last StartEd use

- Uninstall Applications

- Show detailed information about every startup entry

- Launch programs

- Create shortcuts on desktop (useful for temporary disabled items)

- Print out and copy startup list to clipboard

- Recognizes Trojan Horses in startup configuration