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XMLSpy - XML Editor for Modeling, Editing, Transforming, & Debugging XML TechnologiesAltova XMLSpy is the industry's best-selling XML editor and development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies. It offers the world*s leading graphical schema designer, a code generator, file converters, debuggers, profilers, full database integration, support for XSLT, XPath, XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, XBRL, and Office Open XML (OOXML) documents, plus Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins, and more.

XMLSpy delivers the power you need to create the most advanced XML and Web services applications, yet at the same time it*s flexible enough to allow you to work with XML using the views and options that best suit your business needs and working preferences. Features and functionality in the XML editor include: Intelligent XML editor

XSL / XSLT 1.0/2.0 editor, XSLT debugger & XSLT profiler

Graphical XML editing and text-based XML editing views

Schema-aware XQuery editor, XQuery debugger & XQuery profiler

XML validation with advanced error handling

XPath auto-completion and XPath Analyzer window

Visual XML Schema editor

Database integration

SharePoint* Server support

DTD editor & DTD-schema converter

XBRL validator and graphical XBRL taxonomy editor

Support for Open XML (OOXML) data in MS Office 2007 and higher

Graphical WSDL editor

WSDL 2.0 editing / conversion (adds to WSDL 1.1 support)

Java / C# / C++ code generation from XML Schemas

SOAP client & SOAP debugger

JSON editor and JSON XML conversion

Visual Studio integration & Eclipse integration

CSS editor for XML-based Web sites

Java API and COM API

XML project management

Very large file support

32-bit and 64-bit versions

Markup Your Mind*! Download a free, 30-day trial of XMLSpy now (available in English and German language versions).

Create Standards-conformant XML Documents

XMLSpy abstracts away the complexity of working with XML-based technologies through its intuitive user interface and rich variety of XML editing views and options. Five synchronized XML editing views allow you to work with any XML technology in a way that best suits the complexity of the document and your preferences, for instance, if you prefer to develop in a text view, graphical view, or switch back and forth between the two.

XMLSpy versions 2010r2 and later contain a number of optimizations for loading very large files * 10 MB and greater * in Text View in both the 32 and 64-bit versions. For instance, a sample 100 MB file should open about 15 times faster in r2 compared to previous product versions. XML Schema-based validation is also optimized in Text View, where you should receive validation results against large files up to three times faster. In Grid View, you can now perform certain common operations (e.g., copy/paste) on large files 10-100 times faster!*

Starting with v2010r2, XMLSpy is now available in a native 64-bit version, allowing it to take full advantage of optimizations associated with 64-bit operating systems. This also solves problems associated with processing very large, gigabyte-sized XML files - the only limitation now is imposed by the available memory on the user*s machine.**

XMLSpy provides unsurpassed compliance with the latest industry standards, including XML, DTD, XML Schema, XSLT 1.0 and 2.0, XPath 1.0 and 2.0, and XQuery, as well as SOAP and WSDL 1.1 / 2.0 for Web services development. Support is also provided for the new Office Open XML (OOXML) formats standardized by ISO and utilized by Microsoft Office 2007 (and higher), allowing you to extract, edit, query, and transform the vast amount of data stored Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 documents. XMLSpy even supports XBRL, the open standard for business and financial reporting, with full XBRL and Dimensions validation and a graphical XBRL taxonomy editor.

The intelligent editing features of XMLSpy support strong XML validation, auto completion, context sensitive syntax help, entry helpers, syntax coloring, wizards, debuggers, profilers, and more to aid you in creating well-formed, valid XML documents with ease.

The views, wizards, and intelligent XML editing functions in XMLSpy are designed to make working with documents as easy as possible. When working with XML is easy, productivity increases, saving money and decreasing time-to-market for your applications.

Develop Advanced XML Applications

Adding to its powerful XML modeling, editing, validation, and debugging capabilities, XMLSpy supports the complementary technologies required to build the most advanced XML-based applications. Because XML documents must be bound to an external software application or runtime environment, the XMLSpy includes automatic code generation of Java, C++, or C# class files based on data elements defined in a schema.

In addition, most advanced applications require interaction with relational databases, which house the majority of business information today. XMLSpy supports the most popular relational databases in their native interface languages, allowing you to query, view, and edit database data; generate XML Schemas based on database structures; import and export database data; generate relational database schemas from XML Schemas; and much more.

XMLSpy is the only tool on the market that lets you tackle Web services development on all of the major Web services platforms, including Microsoft .NET, J2EE, and Eclipse. Support for both WSDL 1.1 and 2.0 in the graphical WSDL editor allows you to work with the WSDL version your company has standardized on and even convert between WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 with a single click. XMLSpy even includes a JSON editor and JSON / XML converter to facilitate the development of Web services and Web 2.0 apps.

Support for integration with Microsoft* Visual Studio* and Eclipse allows you to seamlessly access the powerful features of the XML editor from within your choice of multi-purpose development environment. You can also access many of the powerful XMLSpy functions in a programmatic way using the Java or COM systems integration API. And, if you want to embed the some or all of its features and functionality in your own applications, XMLSpy supports OLE and ActiveX control.