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Download keygen for E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra EMULATOR X PROTEUS X

E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra EMULATOR X PROTEUS X - KL

E-MU Modern Symphonic Orchestra EMULATOR X PROTEUS X

TEAM SoSISO | DVD1: 1.19GB | DVD2: 2.33GB | DVD3: 2.19GB | DVD4: 282MB | DVD5: 1.62GB

The Modern Symphonic Orchestra offers a comprehensive collection of over 10GB (five DVDs) of the finest string, brass, woodwind, and percussion samples - all meticulously sampled for just the right expressiveness in each recorded note to convey a truly realistic feel.

The library has been set up so that the instrumental sounds of the orchestra are laid out based on a live performance setup from the Baroque era. While there are many ways to set up an orchestra on stage, in working with orchestral samples, this pre-panned Baroque-style setup works the best to give you the most realistic sound possible.

Programmed specifically for the powerful Emulator X/Proteus X sound engine, each of the Modern Symphonic Orchestras presets is mapped to the MIDI real-time controllers for enhanced expression. The pitch wheel and modulation wheel, and other continuous controllers create various performance effects such as: bend-up/ down, voice switching, chorus, or layer crossfade.

Together with the included Overture 4 SE notation software, E-MUs Modern Symphonic Orchestra offers a total "plug-and-play" soundset for your Emulator X and Proteus X that lets you dial in the perfect orchestral sound every time.


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