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Download keygen for Red Giant Trapcode Form v1.1

Trapcode Form - Words dissolve into sand, logos catch fire, and water droplets ripple to bass guitar. All of this is possible with a single powerful plug-in that generates animated 3D shapes to mesmerize and entice viewers. Choose from 61 customizable presets, or tweak your own to get just the look you want. Full integration with After Effects' 3D environment allows you to fly cameras through and around your animated forms.


* Audio reactors * Form offers built*in audio reactors where the bass beat, a tambourine hit or a lilting voice track can drive the motion, color, opacity, displacement and other variables to generate mind*blowing visuals.

* Powerful presets * Presets offer an easy starting point for novices and motion graphics professionals alike. The 61 presets are divided into five categories, including animation set to audio, flight presets that generate 3D terrain flyovers, and unique animations perfect for lower third titles.

* Customize it * Form also offers fantastic flexibility with ability to drive color, displacement, size and more with images sourced from any layer in After Effects. This features lets you generate everything from a logo that blows away like sand to a full 3D model of the Earth.


* Custom Preview Pane * A quick way to visualize surfaces and effects right in the plug*in window

* Cross*platform Support * Supports After Effects 7.0 and CS3 on Mac OS X (Power PC and Intel Mac) plus Windows XP

* Multiple Bit Depths * Works in 16*bit and 8*bit*per*channel color depths

* Animated Motion Blur * Surface animations can include full motion blur for greater realism

* Online User Guide *

Extensive documentation in online HTML format

* 3D Camera * Offers full support of After Effects 3D camera for true 3D animation of surfaces and depth of field rendering

* Audio Generators * Unique feature offers iTunes*style visualizations but with exquisite animation controls

* Fractal Field Distortion * Generate displacements that loop * perfect for creating looping title or background animations

* Fast Rendering * With full support for multiprocessing features in After Effects

System Requirements (PC / Windows): * Windows XP SP1, Vista, 7 (32*bit and 64*bit)

* Pentium 4 2.4 GHz

* 1GB of RAM

* 30 MB of Hard Drive space

Host Applications

* Adobe After Effects CS5, CS4, CS3