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Download keygen for EAZ-FIX v9.1

EAZ-FIX Professional

- restores the data and information in 10 seconds, full - 100 percent. Including user data and settings - for hours, weeks and even months ago, and even fatal if Windows is not loaded. Also help avoid viruses, crashes, internet-based attacks, protect their privacy, because any changes can be quickly eliminated.

According to the developers, EAZ-FIX can take a snapshot of just 5 seconds, but in order to restore the system, the program only 10 seconds. Moreover, the snapshot contains all the settings OS, programs and user data. You can make an unlimited number of snapshots of the system, and then return to any of these images. To restore a fully functional operating system, you can even if it refuses to boot (boot or damaged system files).

Word of EAZ-FIX

- this is based on the functional technology that enables users to accelerate troubleshooting and impact of any malfunction of the system. The main difference between this program from the existing analogue - is the speed of work. For example in conducting any experiments or installing software, EAZ-FIX rebuild the system and information data for only 10 seconds, full - 100 percent ..

5 major differences in the EAZ-FIX Professional: - PC continuous protection from any software failures;

- Return the PC to life instantly when Windows will not start;

- Returns the data to the minute crash;

- Does not require technical skills;

- The best recovery solution for PC.

What's new and updated in EAZ-FIX v9.1: * Compatible with Windows 7

* Updated device drivers to support the management of Windows 7

* A new interface theme subsystem boot in Windows 7

* A new theme of the interface in Windows 7

* Product Activation during installation, in one installation and reboot to activate

* Added parametor command-line to off / on an hourly snapshot defrag

* Added progress bar zahvatte image

* Removed "Disable direct disk I / O" from the security system

Setup.ini * Added configuration option to install EAZ-FIX for the 128 GB hard drive.

Setup.ini * Added configuration option to install EAZ-FIX on the Windows family of server

Setup.ini * Added configuration option to install EAZ-FIX, not meshing system paging file

* Disable window resizing console application

What can EAZ-FIX be used for?

1. Use EAZ-FIX to restore system to working order even if Windows fails to start up

2. Use EAZ-FIX to recover deleted or corrupted files

3. Use EAZ-FIX to clean up virus and spyware infections

4. Use EAZ-FIX to remove unwanted software installations

5. Use EAZ-FIX to rollback failed software deployment

6. Use EAZ-FIX to reset workstations to desired baseline upon rebooting

7. Use EAZ-FIX to create test beds for software testing

8. Use EAZ-FIX to protect system and data from unauthorized access

9. Use EAZ-FIX to create drive backup images for bare metal recovery

10. Use EAZ-FIX to transfer a computer's entire operating system, with programs and data files intact, to new computers


1. EAZ-FIX does not require hidden partition or reserved space to install.

2. EAZ-FIX continuously protect your PC from any known or unknown software threats.

3. EAZ-FIX can take a new snapshot of PC regardless the hard disk size and system size in less than 5 seconds without interrupting your working process.

4. EAZ-FIX can roll back to a snapshot in less than 10 seconds even if Windows fails to start up.

5. EAZ-FIX can restore your data up to the minute of crash.

6. EAZ-FIX works as if it's not even there, it doesn't require you to do a thing.

7. EAZ-FIX gives you the most for your money. PC Rollback alone is a $ 50 solution. File recovery alone is a $ 40 solution. System and Data Security alone is a $ 50 solution. Drive Imaging alone is a $ 50 solution. You get all these for a fraction of the money.

8. EAZ-FIX is simply the easiest, fastest and arguably the best PC rollback solution in the market and chosen by millions of users world wide.


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