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Download keygen for StorageCraft Recovery Environment Bootable CD v4.0.0

StorageCraft Recovery Environment Bootable CD (ISO) v4.0.0 | 430MB

StorageCraft Recovery Environment provides quick and reliable disaster recovery, system migration and data protection for Windows desktops and laptops. ShadowProtect Desktop Edition 4 provides hardware independent restore for physical to physical system (P2P) recovery. ShadowProtect Desktop 3 also supports conversion from physical systems to virtual environments (P2V), virtual environments to physical systems (V2P) and virtual environments to virtual environments (V2V).

* There are now two flavors of ImageManager: ImageManager Standard, and ImageManager Enterprise. ImageManager Standard is included at no additional cost as part of ShadowProtect Desktop/Server/SBS Editions. ImageManager Enterprise is classified as a new product, with features not found in ImageManager Standard. Common to these two flavors is a completely new interface, support for managed folders on SMB shares without the need to alter the ImageManager service credentials, policybased consolidation/collapse of image files, and policybased periodic reverification of image file data and file dependencies. Standard ImageManager has the ability to replicate backup image files to local targets. ImageManager Enterprise supports both local and remote policybased backup image file replication. ImageManager Enterprise also supports policybased HeadStart Restore (HSR), with .VMDK or .VHD target types.

* The ShadowProtect console interface now includes a management tab in which groups of multiple agents can be managed (and states viewed) simultaneously, within a single view. This feature also supports silent push installation of the ShadowProtect product to target hosts.

* The ShadowProtect console installation now includes VirtualBoot, a feature which makes it possible to directly boot a ShadowProtect backup image within a Sun VirtualBox VM without the need to restore the image file and without the need to convert the backup image to another file format. VirtualBoot supports data volumes larger than 2TB in size, and the ShadowProtect backups within the VM can continue generating fast incrementals on the same image file chain, protecting any new data created within the VM. The combination of HeadStart Restore (HSR) and VirtualBoot make it possible to reduce the downtime windows for failover/failback/upgrade/migration/restore to a few *minutes* rather than *days* when dealing with terabytes of data.

* The Backup Image Tool wizard now supports conversion of ShadowProtect backup image files into .VMDK or .VHD virtual machine disk files.

* The Boot Configuration Tool within the Recovery Environment has been enhanced. It now supports the assignment of the permanent drive letters which are assigned to any volume for a given operating system.

* Interrupted restore operations can new recommence where they left off. This applies to regular restore operations, as well as to the enhanced HeadStart Restore operations.