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Download keygen for Stardock ObjectDock v2.0.0

ObjectDock is a program designed to add style, organization, and function to your Windows experience. Place your favorite web links, program shortcuts and information widgets on this fun, animated and easy-to-use dock. Additional docklets provide quick access to weather, time, and other useful information.

A new UI allows users to choose from a number of styles and special effects for a custom experience. The free version has only one dock (Plus version adds capability to have multiple docks, adds Tabbed docks, System Tray support and skin recoloring).

ObjectDock is a desktop toolbar, that acts as an application launcher, as well as a task manger to access currently running programs. It offers cool mouseover animation effects and displays thumbnails of open window to easily switch between applications. You can also drag and drop your favorite folders or programs onto the toolbar to add a shortcut for easy access.

ObjectDock Features: ● Weather Docklet. Just mouse over the weather icon on your dock to glance at your 5-day outlook. It s that easy! New in 2.0, built in location search & improved reliability.

● Imports Quick Launch. Automatically imports your quick launch and pinned taskbar items for easy access.

● Special Effects. We got em ! Choose from a variety of mouse-over effects including; magnify, swing, glow or bubble.

● Brand new screen & menus. We ve redone ObjectDock s configuration screens to be as simple and straight forward as possible, especially when configuring multiple docks.

ObjectDock Plus Features: ● Organize with Style. Tabbed docks help keep your weblinks and shortcuts organized. Tuck them away on an edge, setup hotkeys, or leave them in your taskbar. It s easy to customize for your applications.

● App-Switching made better. The best feature of the Windows 7 superbar, now available on all versions of Windows with ObjectDock. Hover over compatible running applications to preview that program s windows and easily switch between them.

● Frequent Folders on hand. New in 2.0, put fully-interactive Explorer folder-views in your tabbed docks. Always keep your frequently used folders available and instantly accessible (Windows 7 only).

● New UI, set up your desktop in a snap. Customizing a dock has never been this easy. Focused on helping you adjust the settings you use most. ObjectDock 2.0 s new UI makes configuring multiple docks seamless and natural.

● Quickly rearrange, tear-off and combine. Drag tabs with your right mouse button to quickly rearrange your tabs, or even tear one off completely onto its own dock. Add, remove, rename and recolor tabs with a simple right-click.

Additional Features: ● Position dock on any monitor edge

● Supports multiple monitors

● Adjustable transparency for background and icons

● Running indicators for open programs

● Minimize windows to dock with live animation

● Compatibility - made for older/slower computers

● Optional auto-hide when a maximized window is in use

● New background blur-behind (Windows 7/Vista only)

Change Log: * Icon reflections;

* Background blur-behind (Vista/Win7 only);

* Brand new User Interface and revamped menus;

* Now displays all running programs in your dock, allowing for pinning & unpinning ("Show Applications" mode);

* For new users, automatically imports your quicklaunch icons (XP/Vista) or pinned taskbar icons (Windows 7) into your dock;

* Mouseover effects previously only available in Plus now available in free version (Zoom, Swing and Glow, plus one brand new effect "Bubble");

* Ability to show minimized-windows-only in the dock;

* Ability to have the dock always on top, but autohide when there is a maximized window (on by default);

* New weather module with greatly increased reliability and built-in location search;

* New true-stretch background drawing mode (among other tags) for improved skinnability;

* New high-quality artist-prepared bundled backgrounds;

* New icon-transparency setting, with new ghost mode;

* Drastically improved background browser.