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Download keygen for Melvin Software Email Extractor Express v3.0.7

You want a fast, reliable program to extract e-mail addresses from bulk sources? Then E-mail Extractor Express is the answer. This is simplicity at its best. Using a powerful extraction engine this simple to operate program will munch through large files in seconds!

E-mail Extractor Express will display the extracted e-mails for you to export three ways. Results can be exported in three formats; comma separated values, line separated values, or tab delimited. Other features allow you to copy the e-mail address to Windows clipboard, automatically remove duplicates while scanning, and precision scanning.

Please note: Email Extractor will only extract emails from text based sources. These sources include .txt files, .html files and others that are text based. You will receive errors if you try to extract from other types.

Email Extractor Express is not a email spider that crawls the internet for obtaining email address.

Features: Fast


Simple to operate

Three export options.

Duplicate removal.