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Download keygen for Steel and Graphics TecnoMETAL BIM Suite 2015

Steel & Graphics s.r.l, makes and sells software, dedicated to design and fabrication of steel structure, and architectural design, announce the release of Graphics TecnoMETAL BIM Suite 2015, software created for steel structure design and calculation.
TecnoMETAL is the real B.I.M. software for steel structures based on Autodesk Revit platform. It offers a unique and comprehensive solution: starting from the 3D model created in Autodesk Revit, TecnoMETAL allows to realize the design of detail, lists of materials and to create the file to be sent to CNC machines.
The new 2015 version uses the AutoCAD 2015 engine for maximum compatibility between the CAD system and the benefits of Autodesk BIM platform. TecnoMETAL allows the user to use an interaction and a combination of useful features to the design of the steel structures with a lower price than individual software.
Name: Steel & Graphics TecnoMETAL BIM
Interface: english
OS: Windows Seven / 8 / 8.1
System Requirements: AutoCAD FULL rel. 2010-2015