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Download keygen for PVSOL Expert 6.0.8 Set R8

A real world representation of the shading from surrounding objects is extremely important for precisely calculating yields. You are therefore looking for a program which takes shading into account as analytically as possible? PVSOL Expert does just that! You can visualize all roof-integrated or mounted systems - even on the ground with up to 2,000 modules in 3D and calculate shading on the basis of 3D objects.
The user friendly 3D menu navigation is divided into the five sections of terrain view, building view, module coverage, module mounting and module configuration. Simply select possible shading objects and position them on the terrain or the building. PVSOL Expert then calculates how often on average the modules are shadowed by the objects and displays the result in graphical form.
Your benefit: the visualization in 3D mode provides you with detailed information on shadows cast at various times of the day and year and consequently on likely reductions in yield.
Overview of Program Features
- Simulation of shading in 10 minute intervals
- Yield simulation takes account of the precise shading ratio for each module
- Easy to use configuration of modules with inverters
- Automatic and manual PV module roof coverage, taking account of restricted areas
- Animated visualization of the course of shade for any point in time
- Visualization of the annual direct irradiation reduction for each point of the PV area
- Mounted systems can be planned in 3D mode - even on the ground
- Adaptation of the system to the roof architecture
- Optimization of row distances and installation angle
- Configuration across rows
- Joint configuration of multiple PV areas
- Manual configuration in 3D visualization
- Optimization of PV module coverage and configuration corresponding to the shading situation
- Multiple buildings and dormers can be covered with PV modules
- Saw tooth roofs can be visualized and covered with PV modules
- Reactive power supply