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Download keygen for Plexim Plecs 3.4.6 Suite

PLECS is the tool of choice for high-speed simulations of power electronic systems. It is available in two editions: PLECS Blockset for seamless integration with MATLAB/Simulink, and PLECS Standalone, a completely independent product.
PLECS tools can be applied to many disciplines of power electronics engineering. Conceived with a top-down approach in mind, PLECS facilitates the modeling and simulation of complete systems, including power sources, power converters, and loads.
Included with PLECS is a comprehensive component library, which covers the electrical, as well as the magnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects of power conversion systems and their controls. Power electronics circuits are captured with a schematic editor in a way that is familiar and intuitive for electrical engineers. Typical power electronics components such as semiconductors, inductors and capacitors are placed on the circuit diagram and simply connected by drawing wires.
What's new in Version 3.4
- Mechanical Domain
PLECS introduces a new physical domain for translational and rotational motion. Included in the library are non-linear components for modeling clutches, backlash, hard stops and stick-slip friction. Combined with the electrical and control domains, the mechanical domain facilitates the design of complete systems such as advanced servo drives and electric powertrains for vehicular applications.
- Demo Mode
PLECS Standalone can now be started in demo mode for unlicensed users. In this mode the PLECS demo models can be opened and simulated and new models can be designed and run, but not saved
- Code Generation
Code generation is now also available for PLECS Standalone. The PLECS Standalone Coder produces ANSI-C code for real-time simulators such as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems. The fidelity of the generated code can be verified by executing the generated code directly from within PLECS.
About Plexim
Plexim is a global leader in simulation software for power electronic systems. Our software, PLECS, enables customers to speed up product development and innovation by reducing design time and cost.
Our leadership is based on the latest software technologies and simulation algorithms combined with pioneering concepts for modeling. By carefully listening to engineering experts, we offer our new solutions for our customers' needs, today and tomorrow.
Since 2002, our software is the industry standard for power electronics simulation across various industries. Typical applications are renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, industrial and traction drives, and power supplies. Our customers include market leaders such as ABB, Bombardier, Bosch, Danfoss, GE, Philips, Siemens and SMA.
With offices in Zurich and the Boston area, and the support of local representatives worldwide, we are always close to our customers.
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