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Download keygen for ETKA 7.3 7.4 Germany

ETKA 7.3/7.4 Germany + International Multilingual l 12.32 GB
Description: The electronic catalog ETKA 7.3 contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars Concern VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minivans
Extras. Information:Download all versions do not necessarily choose only the version you want to use.
Preset update: VW / AU - 980, SK - 512, SE - 506.
This version can not update, and run with the label "ETKA 7.3, discarding the date"
Year: 2013
Version: 7.3 + 7.4
Developer: LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present
ETKA 7.3 GERMANY 2013 differences:
Main is the actual German price, price it updated with installing updates.
As well it has a bug with the troll for a few seconds 3-4 times when switching between brands, INTERNATIONAL devoid of such shortcomings.
Update their weigh more and are not compatible with the version of ETKA 7.3 INTERNATIONAL 2013.
ETKA 7.4 differences from 7.3:
The main difference, 7.4 reads as 7.3 guilt from my FGST, only through the Internet, if you have a legal acc. on Partslinke.
So it came as a shortcut button to consumables, they all gathered in one window.