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Download keygen for emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 v3.0.10.1 Plugins for After Effects

emotion3D: Stereoscopic Suite X3 AE (SSX3) brings dedicated stereoscopic tools that solve even the most challenging aspects of stereoscopic post-production, whether compositing CGI or keyed material with live action, grading depth or colour, or mastering for multiple 3D screens (e.g. cinema, home theater, laptops and glasses-free 3D displays). The SSX3's integration into the ubiquitous After Effects host means easier access to artists, while lower entry costs allow even small and mid-size teams to compete for stereoscopic projects.
* Geometry Correction
Stereo cameras misalignments, such as camera roll, pan or tilt differences are among the most common stereoscopic issues and should be corrected prior to any other stereoscopic process. Aligning cameras first ensures more accurate results for other comparative processes, such as generating disparity maps or adjustment of depth budget. SSX contains tools that automatically detect and correct cameras misalignments, such as:
- Automatic camera misalignments detection and correction of vertical offsets
- Various image overlays for visualizing alignment problems
- Auto cropping/scaling functionality for automatic border removal
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