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Download keygen for Virtual Machines Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013

Virtual Machines Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013 | Size: 5.67 GB
Description: The primary audience for this course is Information Technology (IT) professionals who are aspiring to be enterprise-level messaging administrators. Others who may take this course include IT generalists and help desk professionals who want to learn about Exchange Server 2013. Administrators coming into the course are expected to have at least 3 years of experience working in the IT field-typically in the areas of network administration, help desk, or system administration. They are not expected to have experience with previous Exchange Server versions.
Virtual Machines Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013(11-07)
After completing this course, students will be able to:
* Plan and perform deployment and management of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.
* Plan a Mailbox server deployment and configure the Mailbox server role.
* Create and manage various recipient objects in Exchange Server 2013.
* Plan and deploy Client Access servers.
* Plan and configure client connectivity to Exchange Server 2013 Client Access server.
* Plan and configure message transport.
* Plan and implement high availability.
* Plan and implement disaster recovery for Exchange Server 2013.
* Plan and configure message security options.
* Plan and configure administrative security and administrative auditing.
* Monitor and troubleshoot Exchange Server 2013.