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Download keygen for Kerish Doctor 2013 v4.50 Multilingual Portable

Kerish Doctor 2013 - a Comprehensive solution for the care of Your computer, which contains the most promising developments in this area. Thanks to the unique system of Kerish Doctor 2013 prevents Windows crashes in real time, and also reliably fixes registry errors. Application performs thorough and safe cleanup from accumulated junk, as well as optimal boosting its performance.
Kerish Doctor 2013 protects your computer from malicious programs and potential vulnerabilities, controlling safety-relevant parameters of the computer.
Smart Update system promptly update the application databases which are regularly reviewed by our experts. Thanks to this system the efficiency of the operation of the installed complex is increasing every day and makes it the most perspective in its class.
Preventing failures
Unique system of "Real-time Failure Detection" prevents crashes and system errors in real time.
Desktop or language panel, disappearance and critical system errors are under the control of the application.
Personal adviser
Recommendation wizard analyzes Your system and provide recommendations for improving computer performance that can be applied with one click.
The status and configuration of the system can change, which can lead to new recommendations.
Intelligent cleaning
The most perfect method of cleaning your computer from a digital garbage takes into account the date of the changes for each file.
It prevents the accidental removal of the still popular system temporary files.
This method ensures reliable and safe cleanup.
In step with the times
Update wizard will check the installed software for critical vulnerabilities, patches, new versions and will update them.
Having the latest versions of potentially vulnerable applications it is important from a security point of view.
Solving typical problems
Troubleshooting wizard contains the most comprehensive database of problems and help in solving common problems.
You just choose from a list of the problems encountered, and the program corrects them.
Fast Internet
Optimization wizard for Internet connection, analyzes and optimizes the network connection settings Internet specifically for Your equipment.
It allows to reach the highest possible connection speed.
Speed up games
The Game Booster helps to increase the performance of gaming applications.
When you activate the game mode in the game is set to high priority of the game app.
This allows you to unlock the full potential of Your computer during the game.
Full control
Function Kerish Deblocker allows you to unlock the computer where the user can't do it yourself.
For example, if the computer is locked SMS or the ability to close the frozen application.
There is no limit to perfection
Smart Update feature regularly updates the core and database heuristics application network access the Internet.
Flexibility and extensibility make Kerish Doctor 2012 is one of the most promising products in its class.
Application performance regularly growing regardless of the version.