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Download keygen for Kontakt Library Manager 3 - DoubleY

This tool will help you Manage your own custom libraries on Kontakt Player 3.5 or higher. Add bulk or add one libraries to your Kontakt tab, delete libraries, backup your reg, do every thing you ever dreamed of with your Kontakt libraries.

This all you need to manage your Kontakt libraries...

Change Log: v3.0

  • Added Menu Navigation.
  • Add in Bulk option for adding a group of libraries at once .
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Added a Backup Function : Backup your libraries entries in the registry and restore them by double clicking the backup file !.
  • Improved Design and Graphics with smoother drawing and faster loading .
  • its now called KLM Kontakt Library Manager instead of Custom Kontakt Library Creator .
  • You dont need to edit the library order after you add it , you can now enter the order you want while adding it .
  • Library are ordered in the Edit/Delete Library window as they show up in Kontakt.
  • A Detailed Report of all the libraries you have , Custom and Commercial ones.