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Download keygen for SimLab SolidWorks importer for 3ds Max 2009-2013

SolidWorks importer for 3ds Max adds SolidWorks import capability to Autodesk 3ds Max. The plugin adds the ability to import native SolidWorks parts and assemblies (*.sldprt, *.sldasm), from SolidWorks 2013, and prior. The plugin is supported on 3ds Max 2009-2013, 32 and 64bit.
How to use the plugin?
After installing the plugin, it automatically registers itself with Autodesk 3ds Max, and adds SolidWorks Importer sub menu under the SimLab menu in 3ds Max. Users will be able to import SolidWorks models by clicking SimLab ->SolidWorks Importer -> Import SolidWorks File.
From the Import window, a user can select the SolidWorks part or assembly (*.sldprt or *.sldam) and click Open. In just few seconds you should have your SolidWorks model added to your 3ds Max scene.
SolidWorks importer for 3ds Max is a powerful 3ds Max plugin which, in one click, allows 3ds Max users to import SolidWorks files and edit them inside 3ds Max .
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