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Download keygen for CrumplePop Pack - Film and Broadcast Effects for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X

CrumplePop effects are popular with broadcast and film professionals who use FCP. Are a fun, quick, and easy way to add high-quality elements to any Final Cut Pro project. CrumplePop effects are based on Master Templates, so you can just drag and drop a template onto your timeline, adjust some parameters, and the template does the rest.
Support SD, 720 and 1080, All effects support standard definition and high definition resolutions.
CrumplePop effects work inside Final Cut 6/7, and some work with FCP X.
You need Final Cut Pro 6 or later to use CrumplePop effects.
CrumplePop - Bundle
CrumplePop - Bundle 2
CrumplePop - Crafty
CrumplePop - Finisher
CrumplePop - Flipper
CrumplePop - Fonts
CrumplePop - Formal
CrumplePop - Hand-drawn
CrumplePop - LowerThirds
CrumplePop - Lumineux
CrumplePop - Metal
CrumplePop - Noir Moderne
CrumplePop - Noir Moderne Lite
CrumplePop - Notes
CrumplePop - Platinotype
Crumplepop - Reflector
CrumplePop - Revealer
CrumplePop - ShrinkRay
CrumplePop - ShrinkRay X
CrumplePop - SplitScreen
CrumplePop - SplitScreen X
CrumplePop - Tone Grade
CrumplePop - Paul Irmiter Series Dacar
CrumplePop - Transi Matic