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Download keygen for AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe 2.69 Build 544

How do you save documents? Do you want safe, encrypted manager for valuable personal data, such as passwords and access codes? Or, may be, you need a brilliant journal or diary software? AllMyNotes Organizer is the key for these and numerous other needs! AllMyNotes Organizer is an Outliner tool for Windows. Save all your Documents and Diary in free-form tree, within solid securely encrypted database!
Every person is unique so All My Notes Organizer offers freedom to hold your docs in totally adjustable hierarchical structure of folders.
All your Data is stored in to a solid secure storage file, can be organized into flexible virtual folders enabling easy, intuitive access, and instant search.
AllMyNotes Organizer - Features
Advanced Data Safety
Database file can be Encoded on a binary level. Just enter a Password to restrict your notes against risk to be seen! We are using 1800-bit cipher key also when password is unassigned, to save no human-readable traces of your data on a PC or USB device!
Protect the access to folders with a secreat code.
Click here for more details and facts on our storage file engine.
Advanced Search
Powerful Global Search, for finding text across all your records with various search params. Filter-on-typing for fast, in real-time. Global search supports powerful Google-like expressions (*).
Search/Replace text within notes with automatic highlighting of all found texts - highlighting appears when you type text in a search window, in real-time :)
Gorgeous and Ergonomical user interface
Localized in number of Languages (English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese (+Brazilian Portuguese), Japanese, Greek, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Korean, Mainland Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Amharic, and if you don't see your language here, please help us to localize the app in your language, it's rewarded, click here for details...)
Flexible toolbar editor - to adjust application to your personal needs.
Comfortable tree-structured organization. With ability to prioritize Notes and build Task-lists.
Wealth of options to customize the program options and user interface.
Number of Skin themes available to please your eyes.
Enhanced Text Editing features
Feature-rich Rich-Text editor with different formatting functions, automatic hyperlinking of URLs, e-mail, phones, file attachments, tables, and images.
Advanced Tables with ability to quickly sort range of rows content by any colum.
File Attachments of any kind can be inserted straight in to the text. For graphical images a preview is displayed.
Supported Internal hyperlinks to other Notes and Folders in the hierarchy.
A Spell-Checker with support of many additional languages.
Insert Checkboxes directly in to the text and trigger them by single mouse click :)
and much more ...