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Download keygen for Tall Components Pdf.Rasterizer v3.0.66.0

PDFRasterizer.NET is a .NET component that lets you convert PDF documents to raster images, print PDF documents unattended and display PDF document in your Windows application. PDFRasterizer.NET is deployed as a single assembly written entirely in C#. PDFRasterizer.NET has no external dependencies and consists of just one assembly which makes deployment truly simple.
Straight-forward object model
PDFRasterizer.NET has a simple and straightforward object model consisting of just a handful of classes: Document, Pages, Page and a few utility classes. These classes let you open a PDF document, browse the basic properties of the document, retrieve pages by index, retrieve page sizes and ultimately draw a PDF page.
What's new in 3.0?
Only medium or high trust required (was full trust in 2.1).
No unsafe code (pe-verifiable).
Progressive drawing.
Asynchronous and cancellable drawing.
Convert to (multi-page) color TIFF.
More programmatic control over font substitution.
Convert to XPS and WPF graphics (.NET 3.0 or higher required)
LiveCycle Designer 8.1 and 8.2 ES support (static only)
Render layers separately.