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Download keygen for ETKA 7.3 INTERNATIONAL

Electronic catalog ETKA 7.3 contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars Concern VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minivans.
Preset update: VW / AU - 942, SK - 475, SE - 469.
On x64 is not (just across virtualke or HP Virtual Fashion)
Downloading instructions, read carefully.
Automatically updated via the automatic update utility.
This version can not update, and run with a shortcut "ETKA 7.3, discarding the dates"
Labels are set to drive C. If Etku put on another drive, they have to govern.
Can be installed on drive C:, D:, E: and F:
In version integrates the latest updates and additional photos taken with the project Tekapo, for which many thanks to him.
Downloading is possible to set any price list and database guilty.
For those wishing to use the German price, you must download the version ETKA 7.3 Germany 2012
In version INTERNATIONAL little streamlined file structure to reduce the size and disk space, it takes about 6 gigs, version Germany around 8.
Version is set to grab penguins with a drive from FGST, additional configuration nothing.
ETKA 7.3 GERMANY 2012 changes:
The basic price is the actual German, price it updated with the installation of updates.
Also, in it there is a glitch with the troll for a second time at 3-4 when switching between brands, INTERNATIONAL devoid of such shortcomings.
Update their own and are not compatible with the version of ETKA 7.3 INTERNATIONAL 2012.
For those wishing to break through guilt online
necessary to use the services of service penetration vinov.Kak most progressive, beating all the guilt and running out of Etka 7.3 without other programs recommend service Carscats / etka.php or in PM to begimot2012 VoWa.Na or second place I would put the service Tekapo bt . or in PM to VoliaComs, beats all the blame, but it uses in addition to Etka 7.3 version of Etka 7.0. In third service or in PM to etkainfo, has not all the fault of + works through this brauzer.Vse my opinion and if it is wrong, then I am open to dialogue and rebuttal
Update History
1.2 In the assembly added version ETKA 7.3 GERMANY 2012.V therefore changed the folder structure
2.3 INTERNATIONAL Added to update, in GERMANY autoupdate.
3.14 Added update for February.
4.11 Added update for March + on the advice raddy made idiot-proof, and renamed the main folder of Etka in ETKA 7.3 2012 *** + Add Assembly for sellers of auto parts.
Added to the 9.5 update for April INTERNATIONAL + update the assembly, added thereunder by subsequent guilt and updates.
7.5 Added to GERMANY INTERNATIONAL and updates for May and June + update the assembly, added the last base guilty in number of 685 pieces and added that last refreshed + finished the FAQ.
Update version 7.20 GERMANY.Teper it again updated via autoupdate + in the assembly last refreshed.
In version 8.23 ??GERMANY added the latest updates + update the assembly.
9.15 Added to INTERNATIONAL GERMANY and the latest updates and optimized them for ease of installation, they are now extracted from a single file, all paths are already registered in the update to + GERMANY zapusknoe you added a file, not a program to install it, just brought to the same standard Folder + finished the instructions.
9.29 In the last version of the INTERNATIONAL integrated obnovleniya.Teper will not have to spend a lot of time to install.
3.10 update the assembly, added the latest updates and database guilty.
15.11 + update the assembly separately added new price of 12.10 + utilities to install new price lists and update, and delete old ones.
17.12 Completely rewrote the assembly structure, updated, optimized and unified by the type of assembly.