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Download keygen for 3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

3D Lightyear file preparation software is used on Windows-based CAD/CAM or other workstations to prepare STL and SLC files for part building on the SLA system.
3D Lightyear software inputs STL or SLC files, which it then prepares for part building on any of 3D Systems' SLA systems. An industry standard, STL files are routinely produced by virtually all significant CAD/CAM software programs, and a large variety of scanning or tooling-related software, as well as a variety of commercially-available third-party conversion/utility programs.
3D Lightyear software version 1.5 software is compatible for use with all SLA systems running Buildstation version 5.5 software (SLA 500/3500/5000/7000/Viper systems) or Buildstation 4.0 software (for SLA 250 systems only).
Buildstation control software is used on all SLA systems to control the SLA system and build parts. Buildstation software accepts build files created on 3D Lightyear software and quickly and easily builds parts.