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Download keygen for LeaderTask Company Management

LeaderTask Company Management is a system for employee management,
assignment control, project, task and contact management. Remote work.
Reliability. Easy to use.
� Control over assigned tasks
Assign tasks to your employees in LeaderTask and you will be able to
have a clear overview of projects, assign tasks to employees, monitor
their progress, have the full history of changes in tasks, projects.
� Teamwork
Create an integrated information environment in your company where
your employees will have centralized access to files, documents,
notes, contacts!
� Employee statistics
Find out what your employees spend their working time on. The
program tracks time spent working with applications, idle time, time
spent on websites, it groups applications and sites by categories
(work, Internet, leisure).
� Customer relationship management (CRM)
LeaderTask allows you to keep the relationship history for
customers, partners, contacts. Managers can work with customers: add
them to the shared database, attach documents, write messages. The
boss always has the relationship history at hand.
� Project management
Distributing the tasks of a project among executors and people
responsible for them. Viewing the statuses of projects in real time.
Complete control over the project progress.
� Viewing employees' calendars
The director can see the employees' business calendars and assign
tasks according to these calendars.
� Mail client
LeaderTask has a full-featured mail client, you can exchange
messages with customers, sort your mail, use message templates, view
the message history.
� Remote management
It is possible to organize teamwork both via the LAN and via the
Internet. You can manage employees from anywhere in the world where
you can access the Internet. It is very convenient when you are out of
office or on a business trip and also it is useful for organizing the
teamwork of distributed offices or branches.