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Download keygen for PHP LockIt! 2.1.4

PHP LOCKIT! from Z-Host gives you the ability to obfuscate and
encrypt your PHP scripts before distrubution at an affordable price.
Use it for encoding your own scripts which you distribute to others,
or for encoding third party scripts containing sensitive information
such as MySQL usernames and passwords. Obfuscation changes the
variable names, function names and constant names in your code, making
it unreadable. The obfuscated code can then be encrypted using a
unique key to generate the locked code. Additional optimisations are
also available to speed up the locked code.
Works with any installation of PHP 4, PHP 5 or PHP 6.
No additional software needs to be installed on the server (yours or
your customers).
No changes are required to the web server.
Encoded scripts work on Windows and Linux servers.
Works with PHP safe mode enabled or disabled.
Obfuscates PHP files.
Encrypts PHP files.
Works with