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Download keygen for Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0

Want to go to the new SSD-drive? Then Paragon Migrate OS to SSD is
just what you need. Easy and intuitive wizard will not only help you
to transfer the system from Windows to the new storage device (HDD or
SSD), but also reduce its size, in order that she would hold onto
disks smaller volume due to new data exceptions. [Cut] You can move
the existing system without affecting your work and all the sections
immediately join in the process.
Formulation of the problem and possible difficulties
Solid State Drives (SSD), recently appeared on the market have a
number of significant advantages over traditional hard drives. They
are much faster and less noisy. The advantages of SSD are particularly
bright when used as a boot drive. Computer performance increases
The reasons that stop many from using solid-state drives - their
limited volume and high price. The size of the system partition on
most home computers exceeds the amount which has affordable SSD
drives, which makes it impossible to simply clone Windows.
The unique solution of the Paragon
With tools from Paragon you get the opportunity to greatly simplify
the process of migrating the system to a smaller disk (SSD). Before
you start cloning Migrate OS to SSD will ask you to select only the
folders that contain information for Windows and applications. You can
leave your music, videos, unused software and documents on the source
disk. This will create a more "light" system that will bring the
program to the new drive. In addition, the program will automatically
perform the alignment and layout of the new drive in this way, in
order that you could use it 100 percent. And with the migration of
Windows 7 will recognize and transfer the System Reserved section.
Key features:
* Migrate to Windows drives larger or smaller amount in a single
* Support of Windows starting with XP (including Windows 7 and
Windows Server 2008 R2);
* Automatically adjusts the partitions on the destination disk;
* Automatically detects and copies modelezavisimye registers (MSR)
for the successful migration of Windows 7;
* Allows the user to delete unnecessary data during the migration
system, in order that she would fit on the destination disk is smaller
in volume;
* Migration without restarting Windows;
* Includes time-tested function of move / resize;
* Ensuring the safety of the system and data.