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Download keygen for 123 Hidden Sender 5.27

123 HIDDEN SENDER sends absolute ANONYMOUS bulk emails. You won't
lose your ISP service. It is trouble free! Your IP address will not be
shown in the email headers! All you do is input your message, subject,
and email addresses, and then 123 Hidden Sender does all the rest. No
relays to deal with anymore. No need for expensive bulk ISPs. Port 25
is not a problem.
123 Hidden Sender is an anonymous bulk email software program based
on a unique know-how sending technology. It provides real anonymous
instant delivery - you can use your regular Internet connection
because your IP address will never be shown in the email headers.
123 Hidden Sender supports sending personalized messages (dynamic
messages), this is a great feature. It really gets the attention of
the recipient to see their name in the subject and in the body of the
email. This feature is implemented by CSV file import and
Randomization Tags and Personalizing Tags.
Send absolute ANONYMOUS bulk emails. Real anonymous (using
proprietary proxy routing - the next wave in bulk email stealth
technology, New technology, not a conventional port 25 mailer). You
will not lose your ISP service. Your IP will never be shown in the
email headers.
Sending speed depends on your connection only (thread count control
- up to 500).
Lowest prices.
Free client software.
All required data client software retrieves from our center
automatically (no more hunting for relays or paying hundreds of
dollars for open relays).
No port 25 needed (not affected by port 25 blocking ISPs).